April 7, 2022

5 things you need to know before ordering custom T-shirts

Custom-made clothing is one of the best ways for you and your team to stand out and make a statement. What’s more interesting than having your own, unique, and creative design printed onto your custom t-shirt, right? However, ordering custom t-shirts for the first time could be a hassle if you don’t know where to start.

That’s why we have put together a simple list of 5 things for you to consider before ordering your custom team t-shirts.

 1. Measurements

The right fit is the best fit. When you buy any custom t-shirt,  the measurements are one of the first things you should be mindful of, because if it doesn’t fit right, it’s not the t-shirt for you.

So make sure you measure your chest, back, waist, shoulder-length, and arm to find out the perfect fit for our very own custom printed t-shirt. Check out the TeamTees size guide here to find your best fit.

2. Fabric

Another important factor to consider before ordering your custom printed t-shirts is the fabric. Your choice of fabric could vary depending on the design and the number of t-shirts you want. Not all fabrics are suitable for every design. For example, if the fabric is too heavy like denim or wool, the design has to be light and simple. 

Also, some of your teammates could be allergic to specific fabrics like nylon. So you should pay close attention to all these details when selecting the fabric.

3. Design

One of the first things that grabs anyone’s attention in a custom t-shirt is its design. So it’s important that you have a unique, creative, and expressive design that speaks for you and your team. 

Don’t have your own design yet? You can use the TeamTees “Design Your Own” feature to create your own unique artwork. We also have plenty of cool designs in our design bank for you to choose from. If designing is not your forte, our team of talented designers will do it for you completely free of charge.

4. Budget

If you’re ordering uniquely designed custom t-shirts for your team, it’s important that you find the right supplier that’s within your budget. Keep in mind that some printing options such as embroidering can cost more than others. It’s best to request quotations from potential suppliers and weigh up your options before placing your order.

We know the struggle to find good-quality custom team wear at affordable prices. That’s why TeamTees offers you the best pricing with no set-up fee, so you and your crew can shine in your t-shirts without breaking the bank. Request a quote today.

5. Number of T-shirts

Sometimes the budget, design, and method of printing entirely depends on the number of custom t-shirts that you require. For high-volume orders, some printing processes would not be effective due to high costs and lead time. So before you order, you have to confirm the number of t-shirts you want for your team and be well aware of all other aspects to make sure that everything is set before the printing process begins.