June 17, 2021

Come and hang out with TeamTees, today!

Imagine the following situation. You are at an event, and there is one cracker of fun and bubbly person. You would definitely love to hang out with them, right?

That is TeamTees for you. 

We are the newest and coolest TEAM-focused brand and the number one team to customise team t-shirts and hoodies for any event or occasion. Our team makes any team #teamier – social teams, work teams, volunteer teams, dance teams, quiz teams, community teams… any team! Also, you do not have to be an “established” team to hang out with us; you can be a budding, small team, and TeamTees will still help you out. 

So, what makes TeamTees the best place to get personalised team gear? 

Free Artwork: Our creative designers can create exciting and customised logos to suit your team goals and mission at no additional cost. Artwork is free at TeamTees. 

Quality Fabric: Our tees and hoodies are made from the best quality fabrics, which are durable and will last for yonks! You can choose from three different fabric colours. 

Sweet Pricing: The icing on the cake (literally!). At TeamTees, our prices are “sweet”. There is no set-up fee, and we only charge for the fabric, shipping, and any related taxes. It does not get any better than that! If it’s cost-effective team wear, then it’s TeamTees!

At present, the only type of printing technique available is heat transfer. With heat transfer printing, a design is printed in reverse on special release paper using a plastisol-based ink. The ink is then thermally transferred from the paper to your fabric using heat and pressure. We will introduce more printing techniques like sublimation and applique soon. 

If you have any questions about customising your team wear, our helpful and dedicated team is happy to help. Whatever your team, TeamTees helps you look the part and supports, loves, embraces, and builds your team to become #teamier. We want to empower you to become a better team!

Come and hang out with TeamTees today!