February 25, 2022

How to choose which t-shirt to print on

Clothing is one of the most common ways a person desires to express themselves and what better way to do that rather than wearing a custom printed t-shirt? Not only to express yourself, but custom t -shirt printing is a perfect way to promote a brand or carry out a marketing campaign.

Especially if you are part of a sports team or a social team, you can easily distinguish yourselves with a custom printed t-shirt. Customised and matching t-shirts will allow you to feel belonged and become a visible part of a team or event. T-shirt printing is a very common trend among all ages. However, it is very important that you know which t-shirt to print on and be mindful of the process. Nobody wants to wear a bad quality t-shirt, do we?

So let’s take a close look at how we can choose the perfect t-shirt to print on.

Whenever we are considering t-shirt printing, we have to identify and understand the needs and wants of the person who will be wearing it and choose the perfect fit to suit the likes and dislikes of the person because the whole point of a customised t-shirt is to be able to wear it with uniqueness. For this purpose, below are a few important aspects that we have to closely look into.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Type of t-shirt

Size of the t-shirt

As we all know, there are different t-shirt sizes and one size will not fit every person. There are sizes ranging from small – large that vary according to the different builds of people. We also have to consider the measurements of chest, back, waist, shoulder length and arm to come up with the perfect fit for our very own custom printed t -shirt. 

View our size guide here 

Material of the t-shirt 

When we wear a t-shirt, it should make us feel comfortable and be soft on our skin. Fabric and material plays a major role in this context.

The most popular option in t-shirt printing is 100% cotton materials. This material has benefits such as being versatile, easy to wear, soft and comfortable on your skin, easy and convenient to wash and also it is the easiest material that you can get your prints on. 

Mixed fabric with 50% cotton and 50% polyester blended material is another alternative. This is one of the more affordable options that does the job right and is a very sought after material in the market as well. 

Type of t-shirt

There are different types when it comes to t-shirts as well, and the main differences here lie in the neck line and design of the t-shirt.

The most common types of t-shirts include,

  • Crew-neck
  • V-neck
  • Polo neck
  • Henley designed neck 
  • Scoop neck
  • Cowl neck
  • Boat neck
  • Off shoulder

It is important to pay attention to the preference of everyone when deciding which t-shirt to print on as everyone may not like the same type of t-shirt.