September 28, 2021

The story behind our logo

By now, you must have seen our logo reveal trailer, and you are probably thinking, “Is that a hashtag?”, “Is it two inverted T’s?” or “Is this an optical illusion?”. So, let us reveal the story behind our unique logo.

A logo is essential to your brand because it communicates ownership, quality, and values. It is one of the first interactions people have with your brand, and it is a big part of your brand identity – how people will see your brand. So, a good logo is critical for any brand. Similarly, our logo is everything to us. 

What Our Logo Represents

TeamTees is identified by our fun, youthful, exciting appearance. We have created a brand that customers can “hang out with” and relate to; a “cracker of a person”, someone you would want to always hang out with. And where do people hang out a lot, especially in this pandemic-filled world? Digitally. Incorporating the idea of social media and virtual “hangouts”, we made our brand noticeable with our creative “#hashtag” logo. We like keeping things fun and fresh while embracing creativity and simplicity.

The Logo Build-Up

Globally, around 4 billion people actively use social media, most of them are youths and teens. We live in a highly digital world; everything is about social media and hashtags. Being a youthful brand, we believe we had to align with the social media concept. So we created the perfect logo using one of the most identified symbols globally – the #hashtag.

The logo comprises of two Ts – one regular and one rotated, creating a #hashtag. In the middle, we have a visible lightning strike. The colours used in the logo express the #bubbly #fun #bright nature of the brand and bring the brand to life.

Our # logo brings out three feelings regarding the brand’s image:

  • Speed

The lightning strike symbolises the speed of the brand. Our digital world is fast and  dynamic. So is our brand, especially when delivering our products (but more on that later).

  • Tech-Savvy

Our brand is well informed regarding technology and social media. We can relate to today’s generation, and what better way than through a #hashtag?

  • Eye-Catching

The colours, the design, and the logo’s shape make it eye-catching to our customers. It will be difficult not to notice it.

Our creative logo blends in with the digital world, showing our youthful, fun, and modern appearance to our customers. So, did you guess this was the story?

But whether you did or did not, why not start hanging out with us?